The Burlington Experience

Located in the heartland of the Rosalie Village, we are a boutique agency with an established client base servicing a wide real estate region of inner-city Brisbane.

We discussed ‘About Us’ for some time. What does it really mean?

Do we talk about who we are, what we’ve done, or should we use this space to turn things on their head and look at you, our clients, and what you expect. We have learned, after 33 years of involvement in Brisbane property, that we are just a reflection of those we work for, so it seemed to make sense.

We studied the basic requirements our clients look for!

Number 1

Integrity and Transparency.

These are the cornerstone of who we are, and on which our reputation has been built over so many years.

Number 2


Respect is the essential foundation for any business with a strong customer service focus. Respect also goes hand in hand with Number 1, they cannot exist without each other.

Number 3

Knowledge and Experience.

During our 30 plus years in the inner city Brisbane property market, we have experienced just about every situation you can imagine. Knowing and understanding the Market, the Property, the Seller, the Buyer, the Landlord, the Tenant, are crucial in creating value and bringing about a successful outcome.

Number 4

Selling Skills.

We have learned that successful selling revolves around persistence, consistency, and negotiation. Virtually everything we do on a daily basis involves negotiation. Once again, after many years of honing this skill, we are confident that we offer the very best negotiation skills you will find.

So, About Us is really About You. Without you, our business just wouldn’t be the same.