Preparing Your Property For the Rental Market

Preparing your property to meet rental requirements can be challenging for owners, as they are often in a situation whereby they have to juggle so many things at once.

We are here to help you work through the various elements of preparation. Whether it be gardening, painting, cleaning, plumbing, or electric works, after many years of managing this process, we have trusted tradespeople we can refer you to.

Safe, Clean, and Working

We always start with safety. Stairs, decks, floors need to meet minimum standards, which will give you peace of mind when you leave your property.

Does everything work? Once again, anything you need to repair or upgrade, we can help you with.

Cleaning. We strongly recommend a full ‘bond clean’ when you leave the property. This sets the benchmark for incoming tenants, which must then be maintained for the life of that tenancy, and then subsequent tenancies. We can arrange the cleaning for you.

Remember: For tax purposes, it is beneficial to carry out maintenance and upgrading works once your property is advertised for rent. Talk to us about this, or contact your accountant.

The Residential Tenancies Authority give us a checklist of how a rental property should be presented:

Legislation directs that a rental property MUST be presented:

Clean and in good repair

Maintained while tenancy continue

Windows and doors in lockable state to gain contents insurance

Free of all pests and vermin

We recommend an annual/biannual termite inspection and treatment to protect your property

Windows and doors in lockable state to gain contents insurance