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What is a Property Appraisal?

Property appraisals are where we look at your property relative to other properties that have sold in recent times.

We make this as accurate as possible, although over the past year have seen some outstanding results that we could not have predicted.

1. We provide a report on how the property looks and feels. We take into account all those features that have value, especially those that may not be visible or obvious. Do you have any plans for the property that might be of value to the next owner, whether they be formally drawn or just ideas? No one knows the property better than you.

2. What value does the location have? We consider how appealing your location is relative to lifestyle precincts, shops, markets, schools, parks, and transport. Many buyers make their buying decision on location alone.

3. The past six months’ sales data. We look at similar properties to yours that have sold in recent months and provide you with a list of these. It is sometimes really interesting to drive around and have a look at these properties if you are local. Buyers do exactly the same.

4. Property Price Guide. We provide you with a realistic assessment of what your property would sell for if it were for sale in the market at that time.

5. Informal selling. If at this point you wanted to look at the market in an informal way, without listing on the major property portals, we have an extensive database of people with certain requirements that may well fit with what you have. This is an easy, discreet way of finding a suitable buyer. A Burlington Property Appraisal is more than just a number! Would You Like an Update on the Value of Your Property? Over the past 12 months, we have seen a quite dramatic movement in property prices in Brisbane.

A Burlington Appraisal is more than just a number!

Would You Like an Update on the Value of Your Property?

Whether out of curiosity, or you are positioning your property in the marketplace, you may like to know the current value.

There’s no cost, nor obligation if you would like us to look through your property, prepare a report on the value, give you an overview on how the market is performing, and make suggestions about how you could improve the value by focusing on the 3 main areas that always influence buyers.

Either enter your details below and email them off to us or give us a quick call on 0412 190 680 and we’ll get things moving.

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