Selling with Burlington

Our philosophy on successful selling always begins with ‘understand what you are selling’.

A Short Story……

Imagine, you want to buy a new watch, a very special watch. At the jewellers, you see a beautiful Piaget watch, priced at $16,000. Right next to it is a beautiful Cartier watch priced at $17,000. Both of these are over your budget. You ask yourself, should I go somewhere cheaper, should I buy a watch at all, how am I going to decide? Just then the salesperson comes over and introduces herself. Her name is Yvette Floret and she is the No.1 Cartier watch salesperson in Europe.

You explain that this is a ‘once in a lifetime purchase of a watch and that you love both the Piaget and the Cartier but the prices seem very high for what is in fact, just a watch.

Yvette Floret then explains that the Cartier watch has, ‘an incredible Swiss designed triple movement, the internal mechanism was originally made by Louis Breguet, who was referred to as, “if you wear a Breguet you have the brains of a genius on your wrist”, the casing was designed by the world’s leading watch designer Pierre Carcassonne, and the 18 diamonds that create the unique elliptical face are collectively in excess of 1 carat. How could you say NO?

This is why at Burlington we introduced Orientation Hour.

Orientation Hour is when we really get to know you and your property. We look below the surface and understand what makes it tick. We want to be able to pass on to a Buyer – all the positives, the potential, the history this property has.

From there we create our Buyers Information Book, our Property Fact Sheets, and our Information Memorandum, all unique to your property. ”

Orientation Hour is when we start transcribing the details of your home into value.

“ So, our first step is to understand you and your property, what would you like to see, and what unique features does the property have.

Next step is preparation. With a small budget that concentrates on those 3 important elements of your property that create real value, the results can be outstanding.

Then it’s time to discuss the other elements that create a great sale, timing, and the cycle of the market, specialist photography and importantly, the property description and how individual and unique your property sounds, not just a string of superlatives. Communication is essential when you are selling your home. Something we love to do is talk to people. Some do prefer electronic communication and that’s fine too.

It really has to be About You. The famous American grocer Sam Walton, who founded Walmart had a plaque outside his office headquarters in Arkansas which read;

The two golden rules of customer service are:

Rule 1 – the customer is always right
Rule 2 – when in doubt refer to Rule 1
That sums it up nicely!

In a nutshell, the process of selling your property becomes a collaborative process between you the owner, and Burlington Property.