What is a Rental Appraisal?

A Rental Appraisal is where we look at your property relative to other properties we have rented in recent times. Although all these properties will be different, we do get a sense of what tenants are prepared to pay for well-presented homes. The steps we work through are:

1. We prepare a report on how the property looks and feels. We take into account all those features that will add value, both the obvious features and the not so obvious. We consider what is important to a tenant, and how much they would be prepared to pay for that feature.

2. We consider the location and how appealing that would be to a prospective tenant. What sort of access is there to good schools, shops, markets, transport, parks, and lifestyle locations.

3. We consider what minor changes you could make to the property, to improve the rental value, and what repairs and maintenance may be required to give you peace of mind when you leave.

4. We consider the tenant profile, who would best suit your property, who would have the least impact on the condition of your home. Where they might come from.

5. We have close contacts with 5 of the major Executive Relocation companies in Australia and look to them to put forward any of their clients they feel are appropriate for your property.

A Burlington Rental Appraisal is more than just a number!

Would You Like an Update on the Rental Value of Your Property?

Over the past 12 months, we have seen a quite dramatic movement in property prices in Brisbane.

Whether out of curiosity, or you are positioning your property in the marketplace, you may like to know the current rental value.

There’s no cost, nor obligation if you would like us to look through your property, prepare a report on the rental value, give you an overview on how the market is performing, and make suggestions about how you could improve the rental value by focusing on the 3 main areas that always influence tenants.

Either enter your details below and email them off to us or give us a quick call on 0412 190 680 and we’ll get things moving.

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